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From bean to bar

From bean to bar

of our artisan laboratory

In 2011 Guido Gobino started a project aimed at creating a new equipment for cocoa and hazelnuts roasting and refining.

The investment is part of a wider expansion project of the company that aims at controlling as much as possible the entire production process of making chocolate and the attentive selection of raw materials.

The continuous passion for improvement has always been key to the business that keeps on respecting tradition, always keeping an eye on technological innovation.

The new production equipment, at the cutting-edge of technology and result of the most recent development in the food sector, is thought to improve and enhance the existing cocoa characteristics that are typical in Guido Gobino chocolate selection. The high precision of this whole equipment allows to adjust the details of roasting temperature and timing to each cocoa quality used, in order to strengthen each aromas of the raw material, for a perfect final result.

From beans to chocolate:

To better understand how important this new production uniti s and to imagine the way ti works, here below are listed all the different processes that are involved in the area:

Cleaning: cocoa beans, right after they arrive to the laboratory, need to be cleaned to remove small stones, wood pieces and all other uresidual elements that accidentally come together with the beans inside the juta bags.

Roasting: cocoa beans are put into a machine where hot hair and continuous shifting allow a slow and homogenic roasting. Temperature and timing change according to the variety and to the origin of the beans, and depending on the final chocolate you want to produce.

Debacterizing: right after roasting, cocoa beans need to get debacterized with a hot steam jet that takes away every possible macrobiotic activity.

Breaking: cocoa beans are now ready to be processed and laboured to become chocolate. Through a mechanical process, the grinder breaks the beans, producing the cocoa nibs, that will be taken apart from their shell thanks to a sieve. Shells will be then removed and considered production residuals.

Refining: cocoa nibs, half made of cocoa butter and the other half of cocoa, go into a mill that breaks it, pre-refining it all. The dough you get at the end gets laboured again with a three cilinders refiner, in order to produce the cocoa mass.

Cocoa mass is a rough dough, extremely acid and bitter, yet fundamental for producing chocolate. Adding sugar, milk powder, hazelnuts or vanilla, the results are all the possible types of chocolate we produce.

The project was co-designed by Guido Gobino and Turin’s University Agronomy Faculty professors. The Faculty know-how contributed to the programming and developing of the whole structure of the production processed involved.

Moreover, it’s thanks to them the exquisite effort in harmonization of thermal energy sources, depending on the chocolate production seasonality, on the need for hot water and on the reuse of energy. All this, as much environment-friendly as possible.

Cutting-edge technology and care for the environment

Passion for Taste

Guido Gobino’s particular affection to innovation leads him to explore new essences and aromas for its produce on a daily basis. While creating a new chocolate masterpiece the first step is to source the best ingredients, in order to obtain a taste that our customers can share and enjoy. Our research and development team never stops, giving birth to a creative workshop where we experiment the evolution of the unmistakable Guido Gobino taste. In addition, periodic sensory analysis carried out by our internal tasting panel for the ongoing evaluation of each product and for the development of new recipes, are critically important and crucial to keep the innovative spirit that distinguishes the company alive.

Research and Quality Control

Guido Gobino has put into place a Quality Control System which, through intensive laboratory tests, helps achieve the standard of excellence of his selection. In reference to the regulations on food hygiene and the provisions of EC Regulation No. 852/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council of 29/4/2004, appropriate procedures have been identified and practiced within the company according with the security policies adopted by the HACCP. Moreover, in reference to EC Regulation 178/2002 and Legislative Decree, 05/04/2006, Guido Gobino ensures the identification of raw materials and their traceability throughout the production process.

Taste and Sustainability

From the technological point of view, in order to achieve higher quality standards, according to the new regulations related to sanitary requirements of the processing of raw materials, Guido Gobino has undertaken a significant revamping and expansion project of his production site. Cutting-edge facilities, specifically designed for the roasting of cocoa and hazelnuts. All systems are based on an energy harmonization principle, therefore obtaining savings in energy consumption as well as greater respect for the environment.