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Pistachio Ganache

Pistachio Ganache

We select the precious Pistachio from Bronte, in Sicily, to create this extraordinary praline. Then, we add unrefined sea salt and roasted indian coffee chosen among the exclusive Leonardo Lelli Selection. Finally, we cover it with our Dark Chocolate Blend 63% and we decorate it by hand.

This praline, new born of our Ganaches Collection, is included into the new Mediterranean Mosaic assortment, together with other refined recipes: Bergamot, Lemon and Cloves, Orange and Almond. Four extraordinary recipes, tiny creations, entirely made by hand and offered in one unique assortment, though to enhance the best ingredients from our Mediterranean Sea. The Pistachio and Lemon and Cloves ganaches won the “Bronze Chocolate Award” given by the Academy of Chocolate of London in 2017, and the Bergamot ganache won the “Silver Chocolate Award“, given at the same time by the same prestigious Institution.

Storage conditions: 
We suggest to store the product at a temperature of 4 ° C and relative humidity of 50-60%, preferably in dry conditions and away from smells or heat sources.

Shelf life:
If stored at the above conditions, the product maintains its characteristics unchanged up to 60 days.