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Single Origin São Tomé

It was in approximately 1822 that José Ferreira, a Brazilian citizen, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and brought cacao plants to São Tomé and Príncipe. It took almost 100 years of production and care, but finally, in 1905, the island nation of São Tomé and Príncipe was proud to be the world’s largest cocoa producer.

Today the international market still acknowledges the uniqueness of this cacao even thanks to a production of the highest quality and its smaller quantity.

Guido Gobino got in contact directly with the small producers of this excellent cocoa quality during EXPO Milano 2015. He decided to create a special chocolate line made with this cacao and he dedicated the various chocolate specialties the people living in Sao Tomé. Afterwards, we decided to introduce this line on a regular base, adding a new single origin chocolate line to our Selezione.

To enhance the extraordinary aromatic profile of this cacao, we produce a single origin chocolate line, offering 3 different recipes: Dark Chocolate 63%, Dark Chocolate 80%, Milk Chocolate 35%.

3 different recipes

Our new Chocolate line made with Sao Tomé cacao is made with an innovative environment-friendly packaging, realized with special paper coming from process-residues of the organic products. This paper replaces up to 15% of the virgin tree pulp. Moreover, this special material contains 30% of post-consumer recycled waste, it’s FSC certified,
GMO free and produced with 100% green energy.
This Chocolate Line includes:

All these 3 recipes, are very different one each other, even if made with the same cacao. The milk chocolate 35% recipe is typical for its balanced flavor and its caramel notes. The dark chocolate 63% recipe is typical for its sweet flavor rich of red fruits notes, dried fruits and spices. Finally, the dark chocolate 80% recipe is typical for its marked acidity and its strong roasted flavor.