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Classic Giandujotto was born in Turin, in the second half of 1800. It was an ingot shaped chocolate and it was the first ever wrapped chocolate in history. Due to a shortage of cacao related to an importing blockade, somebody tried to add some hazelnuts to the existing cacao: that was the way the famous Gianduja Chocolate recipe was born!

The departure is Turin, the capital of chocolate and the legendary Giandujotti native city.


The hazelnuts are so important for us that we only use the ones harvested on our fields or on our partner farmers’ ones, in Langhe region, up on the Piedmontese tallest hills. After selecting and harvesting the hazelnuts, we roast them directly in our production headquarter in Turin. This is the way we can control the whole supply chain of this important ingredient, guaranteeing we only use the best hazelnuts from Piedmont IGP.

Here we are in the Langhe Region, where the worldwide appreciated delicacy, hazelnuts from Piedmont IGP, grows.

Roero, Piemonte

Grazie ad un importante accordo con Latterie Inalpi, utilizziamo esclusivamente Latte intero proveniente dagli allevamenti della Filiera Alpina Piemontese dislocati nelle sole province di Torino, Asti e Cuneo.
Questo ci consente di utilizzare un’altra ricchezza del nostro territorio, di promuovere un altro ingrediente d’eccellenza e di contribuire al miglioramento delle pratiche per l’allevamento.


Center America, South America, Indonesia

Why are we here? It’s simple: because some of the best cocoa qualities in the world grow here. These cacao are some the finest cacao origins and we select them because of their aromatic profiles. We are committing in increasing the cacao supply chain control and in supporting the cacao plantation, and this is why we are now buying some cacao beans directly from the farmers, at a fair price.

Other than cacao beans, Cocoa butter is another key ingredient for the production of chocolate: made out of the vegetable fat contained in cocoa beans and does not contain cholesterol. Gobino Guido uses only cocoa butter for most of his products. The only exceptions are the noble and precious Hazelnut Oil that we directly press in our Factory and Extra Virgin Olive Oil we use for our Sea Salt Cremino.

Venezuela, Trinidad, Ecuador, Mexico and Sao Tomé: the countries where some of the best cacao qualities in the world grow.


Ginger is in fact the root of a grassy plant, originating from East Asia, known for its digestive and re-jouvenating properties. A precious and fine spice that blends in a exquisite way with chocolate, adding a scented and slightly bitter taste.

In Thailand… on a quest for the spiciest ginger.


Sunny Sicilian coasts, after long years of agricultural tradition, give birth to the best citrus fruits from the Mediterranean: Lemon, Orange and Bergamot. Real food master pieces, that we love to use for our pralines and ganaches recipes.

It’s nice to plunge in the Mediterranean farm tradition… An authentic dimension that generates real delicacies.