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Cacao in polvere

Polvere di Cacao

Cacao in polvere

Packaging: 3 kg pail

Ideal for: Decorations – Ice Cream – Cakes – Creams

Recipe Tip:

Gelato al Cioccolato Guido Gobino

Ingredients (4 persons): 900 g custard, 900 cl milk, egg yolks 80 g, 80 g sugar; 70 g Cacao Guido Gobino al 22-24%, 30 g glucose, 180 g sugar, 130 g Cioccolato fondente Guido Gobino extra-bitter blend al 70% (26 5 g wafers approx.).

Preparation: for the custard, heat the milk and pour over the beaten egg yolks with 80 g of sugar and bake at 70 degrees until it reaches the right consistency. Combine cocoa and 22-24% glucose to an additional 180 g of sugar and continue stirring to cook for another 2 minutes. Remove from heat and pour over the chocolate wafers in extra-bitter blend of 70% mixing all. Cool and place the mixture in an ice cream maker for the time necessary. Serve ice cream garnished with a hazelnut nougat PGI Relanghe.

The recipe is courtesy of Ceretto Srl, extracted from the catalog “Terroirs Flavours 2011″