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Artisan Chocolate

Artisan chocolate: all another taste.

Guido Gobino is a craftsman who has innovated and evolved tradition, enriching it with creativity, taste and passion. This innovation is done through the careful selection of raw materials, cutting edge manufacturing and continuous experimentation that has as its goal the achievement of absolute quality. Quality that is reflected in each detail, even in the design of the packaging. A unique history, created to give a new meaning to the pleasure of artisan chocolate.

Every stage of production is the most important.

Our artisan chocolate is tested and controlled at every stage of production from internal Quality Control, thanks to careful laboratory analysis, to achieve the desired standard of excellence. The research for the development of new products is very long and complex: from a first recipe testing, there are many subsequent modifications, tastings, the laboratory tests and the comparative tastings, before reaching the final result.

From the most aromatic cocoa to the most refined chocolate.

The cocoa used in our manufacturing process is selected only from the most aromatic qualities available, preferring the former center-South American and Asian because they are the most prestigious and richest in aromatic flavor.

The processing of Cocoa, while adopting modern techniques and mechanized, still uses a significant human contribution, which allows us to adapt to the type of cocoa, recipes and roasting times, preserving the best quality and specific aroma, ensuring the diversity of flavors and aromas typical of a artisan chocolate.

Not every chocolate is the same.

Our chocolate is artisan, why? because it’s really handmade.

The production of our artisanal chocolate is deeply characterized by operations made entirely by hand: from coating and decoration of pralines, up to the entire production of our macarons or ganaches. In artisanal chocolate production in fact, next to the technical and scientific aspects, the human contribution, fueled by a passion for quality and research, is essential. Only a careful and precise production process allows the achievement of a product up to the Guido Gobino Artisanal Chocolate.

Giandujotto and cremini: when the artisanal chocolate stands out from the crowd.

We chose to produce the Giandujotto still following the traditional method of extrusion that, creating each chocolate individually, makes each piece unique, enhancing the creaminess.

The wrapping material of each Giandujotto can also be printed directly in the laboratory, by customizing the writing and the color of the aluminum of each chocolate.

We chose to cut our cremini and ganaches still with the guitar, an instrument typical of the ancient artisan shops, needed to cut soft dough evenly, preserving beauty, differences and charm of craftsmanship.

A product packaged by hand. a all-different experience…

Even the choice of packaging is made with care, our boxes of artisanal chocolates are entirely made by hand: every case, every bag, every box – from the largest and most precious box of pralines of 1.5 kg to the little box of 20 grams are entirely composed by hand, by placing love with each chocolate assortment.

The care of our packaging is crucial to ensure, for each creation, the added value that only expert hands can give. Passion, love for tradition and momentum towards innovation: these are some of the most important elements that make our artisan chocolate unique. This is the craftsmanship that Guido Gobino wants to maintain, the attention to each detail that Guido Gobino wants to ensure.

Artisanal chocolate: a all-different flavor.